BUI stats from SeaFair 2013

Well the stats are in and believe it or not, BUI arrests were down almost 40% over SeaFair weekend from last year. Yes, you read that right. Almost 40% down. Last year there were 61 individuals arrested for Boating under the influence over the SeaFair weekend. This year there were only 34 individuals arrested for a SeaFair BUI 2013. Of those 34 that were arrested, 15 refused the breath test. And four search warrants were obtained for blood tests due to those refusals. So what gives…why was it down?

Probably at lot of it has to do with Boating under the influence education. The media both print and television put out a lot of messages this year that there was going to be an increase in BUI patrols. Additionally 2013 has seen a lot of negative media attention when it comes to DUI arrests, and Im sure that contributed to it. But realistically I bet the sole reason was due to the lack of attendance compared to years past.

Tickets were down 20% from last year. And just a number that goes to show there were less people on the water. Police only contacted 473 boats this year, down 32% from last years SeaFair. I highly doubt people were more conscious this year about boating regulations, and safety. It was probably just a numbers game. Because there were less people on the water, there were less people to be contacted by the police.

And just an FYI. Remember times have changed. I recently blogged about all the new BUI laws that went into effect last week. I know having a cold beer and boating goes together like fireworks and the 4th of July, but in King County that is no more. Much like a DUI there is no such thing as a legal limit. Whether you’re under 0.08 or over 0.08 you still will get arrested and most likely charged with a BUI. Times have changed and having a cold beer while operating a boat out on the beautiful water of Lake Washington or Lake Union is no longer allowed.