Don’t get a DUI this Memorial Day Weekend

Seattle-USA-1024x682-300x199I recently read an article stating there would be an increase in DUI patrols in the King County area of Western WA. Several different police agencies will be involved in these extra DUI patrols including but not limited to the Seattle Police, Shoreline Police, Redmond Police, Bellevue Police, and Washington State Patrol. Here is everything you need to know to avoid a DUI charge this weekend in King County.

First do not drink and drive. I have repeatedly blogged about this. But nowadays there is no such thing as a legal limit. Regardless of what the Prosecutors, Police Officers, and Lawmakers want you to believe. This nonsense about a 0.08 is nothing but hogwash. I can’t tell you the number of DUI cases I have represented or consulted on where the individual arrested was below the “legal limit.”

Secondly if you do imbibe and decide to drive then make sure you do one thing and one thing only. Request to speak with a lawyer. Heck call me or any other practicing DUI Attorney in Seattle. Make this request at the following points during your contact with the law enforcement officer

If they ask if you have been drinking
If they ask you to do the field sobriety tests
If they ask you to submit to a breath or blood test

By making this request you’re limiting the amount of evidence a Prosecutor can use against you. You’re going to get arrested if the law enforcement officer smells an odor of alcohol on your breath so you might as well do yourself and you DUI Lawyer a favor.

Lastly be polite. I get it. Getting arrested for a DUI sucks. It sucks big time. Especially if this is your first run in with the law, or you have a job that will be in jeopardy, or you simply feel you’re unfairly being treated. But I repeat. Be polite. You’re not going to talk your way out of the DUI. Arguing with the law enforcement is not going to make things better for you, nothing good will come from it. Besides you most likely are being video recorded and guess what any tirades are recorded and will be used against you.

Be safe out there and enjoy the start to Summer. Nothing is more beautiful than the summer months in Seattle.

About the author: Matthew Leyba is a DUI Lawyer in Seattle. He is rated a perfect 10 out of 10 by Also repeatedly named one of the best DUI Attorneys in Seattle by the Seattle Met Magazine.