DUI emphasis patrol over 4th of July weekend in Seattle

Several law enforcement agencies will be conducting DUI emphasis patrols in the Seattle area over the 4th of July weekend. This is a busy time of year with good weather, July 4th festivities, and boating season underway. Therefore it is a prime time to get a possible DUI if you have been drinking and decide to drive. I may seem like a broken record but here is some advice if you find yourself being investigated for a DUI in the Seattle area.

First off do not have a single drink and drive. I know there is a legal limit of 0.08 and that suggests it is legal to have a drink and then drive. But I’m here to tell you that is not how things are working these days. If you have a single drink and you get contacted by a police officer. You will get arrested for DUI. It’s that simple. There is no such thing as a legal limit in the eyes of the police and Prosecutors. I know that is unfair, and it is B.S., but that is how things have become over the past 2 years. But if you do decide to have a drink and then drive here is some advice you should follow.

Be polite. Don’t get upset at the police officer. Don’t curse the police officer. Just say yes sir, yes ma’am and let them do their business. At this point you will only hurt yourself more if you act like a jerk. Remember police officers have audio video equipment in their patrol vehicle. Especially in Seattle. So that little tirade you went on. Well that is no evidence against you. And as a DUI Attorney in Seattle let me tell you, it’s pretty difficult to make that stuff go away. So just be polite.

Ask to speak with a lawyer. Ask this before you do any field sobriety tests. Ask this after you get arrested for the DUI. Ask this at the police station before you take the breath test. Always ask for a DUI Attorney I cannot stress this enough. This is so important for the defense of a DUI that in my opinion any person arrested for DUI should be automatically given access to an attorney by default. That won’t happen so you need to ask for one.

If you go out this July 4th weekend and you find yourself stopped by a police officer. Ask for Leyba Defense PLLC. I’m available 24/7. Seriously whether you hire me, or someone else, or go at it alone. It doesn’t matter. I will answer the phone and be there to guide you through the process.

About the author: Matthew Leyba is a DUI Attorney in Seattle. He was recently named a 2014 Super Lawyer Rising Star in the area of DUI Defense, only 2.5% of all lawyers receive that award. He is also rated a perfect 10 out of 10 by Avvo.com