Football season is here….Increased DUI arrests

As a Seattle DUI Attorney I represent people who have been arrested and then subsequently charged with a DUI offense here in Seattle or Western Washington. In my opinion a bulk of the cases I represent come through my office starting when Football seasons begins, and ends after the New Years.

Why is this you might ask? Well here in Seattle we have two major sports teams that compete in Football. We have the University of Washington and the Seattle Seahawks. Typically I see more people arrested after Seahawks games just because alcohol is served there. But this year the University of Washington is upgrading and doing a major remodel with Husky Stadium, or whatever it is going to be called now. So what does this mean. All Husky games are going to be played at Century Link field, meaning alcohol will be served and it is downtown where all the bars and tailgating will occur.

If you attend a UW game, or a Seahawk game keep in mind increased DUI emphasis patrols will be occurring in downtown Seattle, and along the main corridors of I5, 520, and I90. These increased patrols will be occurring after the games, or a prior to the games. People tailgating or pre-funking will be driving to the game, and these will be easy pickens for the Washington State Patrol and the Seattle Police Department.

I know I say this all the time and write it about it pretty extensively. But please keep in mind these simple rules if you find yourself being investigated for a Seattle DUI. Remember to decline to do any and all field sobriety tests, ask to speak with a Seattle DUI lawyer prior to answering any questions, and make sure you ask to speak with that attorney prior to agreeing to take a breath or blood test.

Matthew Leyba is a Seattle DUI lawyer located in downtown Seattle. His practice focuses in representing those accused of DUI and other serious traffic offenses.