How do you beat a Seattle DUI

How do you beat a Seattle DUI? This is one of the most common questions I get asked when I’m meeting with someone who got arrested for a DUI. Unfortunately a DUI charge is not like a traffic ticket where it will get dismissed. In my opinion beating a DUI means getting a DUI reduced to a lesser charge with the occasional dismissal. Here are some of the ways that can happen.

In my opinion as a practicing DUI Lawyer every DUI has four main areas ripe with legal issues.

The basis for the stop.
The evidence used to arrest
The warnings and rights read to the driver,
The administration of the breath test.

Within each of those areas there are sub areas that can also contain legal issues. For example whether there was enough evidence to ask the driver to exit the vehicle, were the field sobriety tests administered properly, etc. Heck even those sub areas contain sub-sub areas. Did the driver have coordination issues, what clues did the driver exhibit during the tests, etc.

So how can you use these areas of the DUI case to your advantage. Well it’s simple. That’s what a DUI lawyer does. A good DUI lawyer will thoroughly investigate the case. Review audio/video evidence, review the police report, interview the law enforcement officers, review the breath test records, and much much more.

The DUI Lawyer will look for any holes in the case. Things such as inconsistencies in the audio/video evidence versus the police report, whether the law enforcement officer did things correctly. Anything really to point out weaknesses in the case to the Prosecution during negotiation.

Now obviously there is more to a DUI investigation than that. But it is imperative to find a good DUI lawyer. I have heard some people say you don’t need to do that, and all a DUI lawyer will do is scare you into their services. That couldn’t be further from the truth and the only people who actually believe that are not very smart. Let me put it his way. If I was arrested for a DUI, I would hire a DUI lawyer to represent me. You can take that for what its worth.

About the author: Matthew A Leyba is a DUI Lawyer in Seattle. He is rated by as one of the best Seattle DUI Lawyers with a 10/10 rating. Additionally he has been repeatedly recognized as a Rising Star in the field of DUI Defense by the Seattle Met Magazine, an honor only 2.5% of all Lawyers receive.