Leyba Defense PLLC updates and news

Its been a busy few months here at the firm so I havent had a chance to write any blog postings.  So here is what has been going on.

Recently I was asked to give a CLE presentation at the Washington Young Lawyers Division Trial Advocacy Program.  The topic was “Trial Notebook and Organization.”  I also spoke last year at the Trial Advocacy Program, so it was quite an honor to get asked to speak again.  To get asked to speak to young attorneys about trial preparation and the skills they need to be successful is very flattering for the firm.  There were lots of great trial attorneys giving different presentations, and to be among them speaks volumes about my trial practice and reputation.  Overall I thought the presentation went well.  I outlined how I prepare for a trial, from the time a client sits down at that first initial consultation to my closing argument.  A lot goes into creating trial notebooks, and Im always surprised when I dont see other DUI attorneys using them.  Its kind of like hitting a tee shot on a par 3 in golf.  Its an advantage to tee your golf ball up, why not do it.  So the same goes for creating a trial notebook, it gives you an advantage and a leg up in your trial prep, why not do it.

Were not all about glamour and name recognition here at the firm, but we do get our hands dirty so to speak with our DUI defense.  Here are a few of our most recent successes

October 2011 – DOL hearing dismissed
Client was arrested for DUI in downtown Seattle by a so called Expert DUI officer.  Officer noted strong odor of alcohol, flushed face, watery and bloodshot eyes, and client admitting to having one drink.  Client allegedly failed 2 of 3 field sobriety tests, and declined to provide a breath sample in the field and at the station.  DOL dismissed after a motion to suppress evidence was argued by Matthew Leyba

October 2011 – DOL hearing dismissed
Client was arrested for DUI in Edmonds, WA.  Client was pulled over for minor traffic infractions.  Officer noted strong odor of alcohol, watery bloodshot eyes, and poor coordination.  Client blew a .139/.135 breath test.  DOL dismissed after a motions were argued by Matthew Leyba.

And lastly within the last month we were able to resolve 2 separate DUI cases by way of a deferred sentence for 2 separate clients.  Meaning at the end of 1 year period, the charges will be dismissed, and thus keeping the clients records clear.  Although they had to jump through a few hoops during the 1 year (i.e., community service, and staying out of trouble) this is still an excellent resolution and allows the client to not only avoid a DUI conviction, but a conviction all together.  Which anytime that can be accomplished whether through trial, or negotiation is a success in my book.