New DUI case result: DUI dismissed

A client of Seattle DUI lawyer Matthew Leyba recently had their DUI case dismissed in King County.  The facts of the case are as follows…

Client was traveling in Wallingford, Seattle and was exiting the I5 freeway turning left onto 45th St.  As he turned left he lost control of his vehicle due to the wet road conditions and spun 360 degrees.  A Washington State Patrol Trooper happened to be there and immediately stopped the client as he started to drive away.  Upon contact the Trooper said the client had extremely slurred speech and there was an overwhelming odor of alcohol inside the vehicle.  The client admitted to have a few drinks earlier in the evening.  The Trooper asked the client to exit the vehicle and perform the field sobriety tests.  The Trooper said client performed poorly on the field sobriety tests and was eventually arrested for DUI.  Client was transported to a mobile precinct where he allegedly refused the breath test.  A King County Judge dismissed the DUI after motion made by Matthew Leyba*

*Remember no two cases are the same and results with similar sounding facts may vary.