New DUI case result

Below is my most recent DUI success. At first glance this was a very difficult DUI case to take on. But this result shows how hard work, extensive research, and a little luck can result in any case being dismissed. In my opinion 99% of DUI lawyers out there would have just pled the client guilty. Leyba Defense PLLC prides itself on pushing legal issues, and fighting until the end on behalf of our clients.

February 2011 – .219/.217 DUI Dismissed for no PC to arrest
King County District Court: Matthew’s client was arrested for DUI on I-5. Client was involved in a one car collision. Trooper noted slow and labored movements, watery bloodshot eyes, flushed face, odor of alcohol, and slurred speech. Client declined the field sobriety tests and blew a .219 and .217 alcohol level. Judge dismissed after DUI Lawyer Matthew Leyba filed a motion to dismiss for lack probable cause to arrest.

To see the results of our most recent success click here. Remember lots of DUI Attorneys out there promise results, at Leyba Defense PLLC we get results. There is a big difference.

Matthew A. Leyba | Attorney