Reminder on what to do during DUI arrest investigation

With Sea Fair weekend around the corner there are going to be many DUI patrols around the Seattle area, and King County. The best advice is not to have a drop of alcohol prior to driving. However if you have been drinking and you get pulled over by law enforcement, its important to remember a few things when investigated for possible DUI. Also if you have had a drop of alcohol and you get pulled over, chances are you’re going to get arrested for a DUI regardless of what the police officer tells you. So do yourself and your DUI Attorney a favor and follow these simple rules

1. Be polite with law enforcement
2. Provide your drivers license, proof of car insurance, and vehicle registration
3. Respectfully decline all field sobriety tests
4. Respectfully decline the portable breath test
5. Ask to speak with a DUI Attorney immediately after being placed under arrest

Please keep in mind the best practice is to have a designated driver. However if you do get contacted and you have been drinking, just follow the above mentioned rules and you’re constitutional rights will be protected.