Reminder: Seattle area DUI emphasis patrols in full force this St. Paddy’s Day

Just a friendly reminder this St. Patrick’s day weekend. The Seattle Police, Washington State Patrol, King County Sheriff, and many other local law enforcement agencies are conducing DUI emphasis patrols in and around King County, WA. Traditionally St. Patrick’s day always has a high number of DUI arrests in the Seattle area. We at Leyba Defense PLLC want you to have fun but drink responsibly. Remember there is no such thing as a “legal limit” anymore in Washington State.

If you have even the odor of alcohol on your breath or you take the breath test you are below the legal limit of 0.08 you will still face a DUI no matter what. I know I am like a broken record here but I see it every day. Regardless of what law enforcement tells you if they smell the odor of alcohol on your breath you will get arrested for a DUI. And if you think that you’re below the legal limit so you can face a DUI, think again. I routinely represent people charged with DUI with breath tests below the legal limit.

So follow my advice. Don’t put yourself in that position. Don’t consume even a single drink and then drive Seattle. However if you do then please make sure you understand your constitutional rights so you’re protected.

1. Be polite. You’re not doing yourself any good if you get upset or argumentative with the Officer. They have a job to do and they will do it and make it much worse for you if you fight back.

2. Keep your mouth shut. Don’t answer any questions and don’t try to talk your way out of the DUI. All you’re doing is making it worse for yourself and nobody in the history of the world has ever talked their way out of a DUI. Regardless of what your friend says.

3. Ask to speak with a Seattle DUI Attorney ASAP. This is the best thing you can do to help yourself. In the words of Better Call Saul, “Lawyer up.”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and please be safe out there.

About the author: Matthew Leyba is a DUI Attorney in Seattle. He has been named a Rising Star among DUI Attorneys in Seattle by the annual best of Seattle Met Magazine. He is also among the highest rated Seattle DUI Lawyers by