Sandusky still defiant!

Today Sandusky was sentenced to the 45 or so counts of child molestation and other unthinkable, and horrific acts he engaged in. Essentially the Judge gave him a life sentence, although it was at the low end of the sentencing range of 30 years. I think Sandusky is 65 years old right now, so basically he will spend the rest of his life behind bars like he deserves.

I was watching the news channel this morning as I was getting ready for work. Apparently Sandusky made some statements from jail the night before. Im not going to get into the statements because he obviously is a sick individual who has major, major problems. And I don’t want to waste any of my thoughts and time rewriting what this loser said.

Some of you may wonder why I’m bringing this up since this is a blog by a Seattle DUI Lawyer. Basically as I was hearing some of the things coming out of Sandusky’s mouth and the defiance he still showed despite being convicted by a jury of his peers. I got to thinking to myself. This guy must be an idiot. Lets forget that he is guilty as sin, and all the evidence against him was insurmountable and damning. This creep is going into his sentencing hearing tomorrow. And rather than show remorse. Rather than accepting responsibility. Rather than apologize to the countless individuals, who’s lives were forever ruined by this guy. He is still spouting off about how this is a conspiracy, and he didnt do these things.

I just thought it was amazing that he would be saying these things. Especially considering the Judge could do whatever he wanted to Sandusky. Simply an idiot. But I guess that is why he is going to prison forever, and hopefully he gets what he deserves down there. It would be fitting if he was assigned to general population.

Anyway I digress. The point of this blog is to address DUI issues. So if you have ever been arrested for a DUI and you’re facing a sentencing hearing. Whether that is after a jury trial conviction, or a guilty plea. Some words of advice from a Seattle DUI lawyer. Don’t do what that idiot Sandusky did. Now I realize these are two completely different offenses, and situations. But if you’re in front of a Judge on a DUI sentencing. If you don’t feel remorse, if you don’t feel like telling the Judge you screwed up and you learned your lesson. Then don’t say anything at all. Otherwise the Judge is just going to hammer you, and on a first offense DUI that is something you dont want to deal with.

Anyway I apologize for going off topic today with the Sandusky mess. But it just amazed me this guy is that clueless.

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