Tips from a DUI Attorney: Alcohol Assessment and Resources

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In most criminal DUI cases, the state of Washington will initiate several legal actions against the arrested party. Charges will be filed by the Prosecutor for potential jail, fines, license suspension, and various other sentence conditions. The driver facing these charges will fight the jail, fines, and license suspension, ideally with the help of an experienced DUI attorney, and build a defense to reduce the various penalties. However, very rarely does the court fail to order a mandatory alcohol assessment from a state certified treatment agency.

Even for cases that are granted a reduced charge, a drug and alcohol assessment is ordered to make sure the driver is not at risk of committing the same crime in the near future. Alcohol evaluations are almost always mandatory after a DUI. The goal is to confirm or refute the idea that you are chemically dependent (or frequently abuse) alcohol.

If you have been arrested for a DUI and are facing criminal charges, the following information is vital for your defense. With the guidance of a DUI attorney, you will need to build a strong defense for the court. Understanding alcohol assessments and resources is invaluable during this time. Also, if you aren’t facing DUI charges, but have questions about alcohol dependency and the risks involved, this information is crucial in the fight against addiction.

What is an Alcohol and Drug Assessment?

An alcohol assessment is a professional evaluation that determines whether or not the arrested party needs treatment. It is also used in some cases to decide whether or not driving and license privileges can be reinstated. If the evaluation determines that you are not dependent on alcohol (or have any problems abstaining), the penalty will simply be a one-day alcohol drug information class to review the dangers of drugs and alcohol. However, if there is evidence of addiction or dependence, the certified counselor who is conducting the assessment can order a treatment program.

How Important is an Alcohol Assessment?

The short answer is “very important.” The long answer is that the court and prosecutor will be more likely to respond positively to your defense if you complete an assessment right away. In other words, an alcohol assessment is vital because taking it can show that you are willing to take responsibility for your actions and avoid this mistake in the future. Also, by taking the assessment as early as possible, you and your DUI attorney will know whether or not you will be undergoing any treatment. This will affect how the attorney builds your DUI defense and negotiates a possible plea deal with the Prosecutor.

Alcohol Dependance Resources

Prevention is always better than consequences. If you feel that you may be dependent on alcohol, the experienced DUI attorneys at Leyba Defense recommend that you consider an alcohol assessment and treatment. There are resources throughout the state to help people see any risks of addiction they’re facing, and if dependence is an issue, those same resources can provide effective treatment.

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