WSP gets clever to nab speeders and aggressive drivers

The Washington State Patrol launched a pilot program today to crack down on speeders and aggressive drivers using new and improved strategies.  This is modeled after the Target Zero DUI task force which also employs the Washington State Patrol in an effort to crack down on DUI offenses in Washington State.

This new task force for speeders in going to be focused on certain areas that have been known to have increased speeding infractions and other known problems.  This will be based on prior offenses that is kept in a database.

In my opinion this will be yet another way to get around pre textual stops for DUI related investigations.  WSP is not stupid, and they know the best way to arrest those accused of DUI is for minor traffic infractions.  The problem with that is it can be unlawful to stop someone for a minor infraction with the intent to conduct a criminal investigation without any reasonable and articulable facts of criminal activity.

Often times in a DUI cases that happens when somebody gets pulled over for allegedly committing an infraction.  The officer smells an odor of alcohol, and immediately asks the driver to exit the vehicle.

To read the article click here.  Remember if you have been arrested for DUI and you feel you were unlawfully targeted, then it is of the utmost importance to contact an experienced DUI Attorney to ensure your constitutional rights are protected.